COVID-19 vaccination

Information about King County COVID-19 vaccination: COVID-19 Information and Resources information:

Why pronouns are important

Since some pronouns are gendered (“she/her” and “he/him”), it is important to be intentional about the way we use pronouns as we all work to create as inclusive an environment as possible.

Why We Ask Each Other Our Pronouns

Seattle Public Library

The older adults program calendar can be found easily with the friendly url,
The Seattle Public Library also has  older adults resources at Next Chapter, with the friendly url  Next Chapter describes our older adults program, and if you scroll down the page, you’ll see a link to Resources for Adults 50+, a curated set of links.

Assistance with Seattle Public Utility Bills

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has a number of resources to help with bills during the pandemic: payment plans, discounts for low-income folks, and even emergency assistance. Don’t miss out on these resources!

SPU COVID-19 Bill Assistance

ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card

RRFP lets you ride transit for a reduced fare.

The Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) is the ORCA card that entitles senior riders (65+ years), riders with a disability, and Medicare card holders to reduced fares.

Overview of RRFP and basic information [PDF]

Loading money on your RRFP card [PDF]

All the places you can use your RRFP [PDF] Includes ferries! Water taxis!

Latest RRFP news [PDF]