We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we rely heavily on support from the community. In other words: your donations help keep us running!

At SPSC, we support Seniors as they explore healthy and active lives; due to the pandemic our programming has shifted to meet the need. We currently are providing delivered meals to our homebound Seniors, virtual fitness and yoga classes, virtual social gatherings and Karaoke, and ongoing supportive services and resources to help people navigate this very vulnerable and challenging time.

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Covid-19 Statement

During this time of global pandemic, we have an extra responsibility to protect our Senior members. To that end, we have completely shut down all in-person gatherings, and shifted our programs to on-line only.

The Senior population is more at risk for depression, and the isolation forced on all of us by Covid-19 has real consequences for our members. We take this seriously, and are constantly striving to reach out to all our members and provide social connection and interaction.

Even though we’re not using our building, we still pay rent. Many of our expenses continue, even as we have pared back our activities and moved them on-line.

Your support means even more to us at this challenging time. And we look forward to the day when we can thank you in person!

What your donation can purchase

  • $24.90 buys meals for a Senior or Veteran for a week.
  • $99.60 buys a month’s worth of meals for a Senior or Veteran
  • $112 provides funding for one Virtual Yoga class with Willa for up to 12 Seniors
  • $148 lets us put on one Virtual EnhancedFitness class (for up to 12 Seniors per class)
  • $207 is enough to let us put on a two-hour Zoom Karaoke spectacular fun-time event for our Seniors
  • $448 buys an entire month worth of Virtual Yoga classes for up to 12 (now flexible) Seniors
  • $828 is an entire month of Karaoke fun and music

Give Now!

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