Note: “Veteran” is used to mean “served in the military at some point.” You don’t have to have seen combat to be considered a veteran. If you served in logistics or were a file clerk in Alabama, you are a veteran. You served our country, and you deserve these benefits.

Washington State resources available for those who served

Washington State has resources available for those who served in the military. They also sponsor seminars and talks on topics of interest to veterans (such as Traumatic Brain Injury). Worth checking out!

Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs

Elderly veteran resources

If you’re over 65 (hardly elderly, but they have to draw the line somewhere!) and you’ve served in the military, the Veterans Administration explains about benefits and health care available to you:

Veteran Benefits and Health Care for Elderly Veterans

Get your DD214 faster

You’ll need your DD214 to get access to some VA benefits, or if you need to prove you served in the military. This organization helps you get that form faster. Note that this is a business and charges money for helping you get your DD214 quickly. South Park Senior Center does not endorse or recommend this business. We list them here as a possible resource. As always, check out the business before using its services (try googling “DD214Direct reviews”).


Housing challenged and served in the military?

If you’re facing loss of housing–or already have lost your housing–this page has a list of resources in Washington State to help you out:

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Find your nearest Veterans Center

This site lets you quickly locate the nearest Veterans Center for any address (it’ll default to finding the closest one to your location):

Find VA locations

King County Veterans Program

A full service hub for veterans, servicemembers and their families.

Veterans Program Brochure

Programa para Veteranos

Un centro de servicio integral para veteranos, militares y sus familias.

Folleto sobre el Programa Para Veteranos

Stay safe from Online Scammers

Lots of bad people out there looking to scam the inattentive, or easily confused. Learn what to watch out for.

How To Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe From Online Scams