Working in Partnership with HealthPoint

posted in: SeniorAdventure

Many older Americans do not have dental insurance because they lost their benefits after retirement, and the federal Medicare program (Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B) does not cover routine dental care.

As people age, it takes more maintenance to keep their teeth healthy, and dental care is most often overlooked.  In general, seniors with the poorest oral health tend to be those who are uninsured, low income, and from minority communities.

As part of SPSC’s Wealth of Health Initiative, we have started a new collaboration with HealthPoint to cover the gap in dental care.  Recently, eight SPSC seniors participated in a dental event at HealthPoint where they received in-depth dental exams, cleanings, and established plans for future dental care.

The goal of SPSC’s partnership with HealthPoint is to connect seniors who have dental insurance but are not getting necessary routine dental care, and to make dental services more accessible, at relatively low cost, to those without insurance.