Our History

The South Park Neighborhood Center began operation soon after the old fire station turned into the Neighborhood Center building in 1972. The Seattle Department of Human Services has provided a small annual grant for decades. The good news is that city support for the Senior Center has increased substantially over the last two years. Beginning in 2010, the United Way of King County also provides an annual grant to support the center. Over the years many other entities have also supported South Park’s seniors. (Healthy Aging Partnership, 501 Commons, and the Seattle Foundation).

Giving & Donations

The South Park Senior Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.
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Donations help us support purchase of food for the meal programs, additional staff, program enhancement, and a reserve fund.

Hao loves his fitness class
Hao loves his fitness class

Vietnamese immigrant
calls South Park home

by Hao Pham

I am a 75-year-old Vietnamese senior. I have only been in the USA 17 months after seven years of hard times in a communist jail in Hanoi. My wife and five children still live in Vietnam. I really miss them a lot. I lived by myself in a small apartment. I thought it was a jail, but a jail with Freedom because I had no relatives or friends, only people whose languages and cultures were totally different from my own. I felt alone and isolated. I wanted to return to my country some day.

Five months ago at a bus stop, I talked to Mr. Quenguyen, the site coordinator of the South Park Senior Program. He took me to the South Park Neighborhood Center and told me about activities for the seniors at the Center. Since then, I come to the Neighborhood Center every Monday and Friday for exercise and dinners with other nice seniors. I also eat breakfasts at the Center five days a week. I practice talking English and teach Vietnamese to others. Several of the other seniors can say in Vietnamese “chao Ong, chao Ba”. Here at the Center we eat nutritious food, share feelings and learn from each other’s cultures. I have participated as a volunteer. I’m very happy to be the volunteer who helps another senior by walking with her from her house to the Center every Monday for exercise. I now live with Mr. Quenguyen, who has given me a room to live in, so I can save money to help my wife and donate a few dollars in the contribution box when I come to have breakfast and dinner at the Center.

The above story is why now I change my mind: “I want to stay and live in this country” and try to get my wife to join me and we will together build a new life in the South Park area.