Welcome to a New Year of New Beginnings

posted in: SeniorAdventure

Welcome everyone as we greet the new year—2022 is promising the chance for renewal and reconnection!

I am excited to announce the full reopening of Community Dining at the Center beginning January 31st. Along with evening activities, exercise class, and support services, SPSC will be making its way back to fully providing the special events, celebrations, and liveliness that have been missed by everyone.

In addition, 2022 will be a special year of celebrating the diversity of cultures at SPSC.  Throughout the year we will engage in Culture Focus programming, with seven months dedicated to highlighting a specific heritage and culture.  Within each month we will explore food, language, dance, music, art, and history as we explore and embrace our diversities; we will be sharing the calendar of monthly events with you soon!

As we acknowledge just how challenging the past year has been, it is with gratitude that the Board and Staff at SPSC finds itself moving into a new year of possibility, promise, and hope for renewed well-being—these are the things we wish for our beloved Seniors, our community, our fellow providers, and partners.

Welcome to a new year filled with grateful hearts, health, and well-being!

Katherine Jordan
Executive Director