SPSC’s New Board of Directors President

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by Courtney Yorks

It is a true joy of mine to be asked to take up a bit of space in the SPSC newsletter. My name is Courtney Yorks and I have been part of the Board of Directors at SPSC for the past two years. It is with humility, a heart of service, and a love for those that SPSC serves, that I stepped in as the Board President in December of 2022. I bring to my Board service the unique experiences of coordinating research operations for organizations of varied scale and scope, establishing and seeing through strategic plans, budgeting processes, Board development, and a passion for fostering deep relationships. But I believe none of that is why I was selected to serve as the Board President. I am certain that it is my vision for SPSC that brought me into this role and my passion for those we serve.

The vision co-developed as a nine-person Board is one I am certain will change the way King County serves seniors as a whole. Our vision is to see King County seniors with access to services, and the growth of a cultural community necessary to lead vibrant, healthy, and independent lives. My favorite word in this vision statement is “vibrant” which is defined as “full of energy and enthusiasm.” Vibrancy is at the heart of what is possible for King County seniors. We believe that by responding to the cultural needs at SPSC, each of our seniors can live a vibrant life — something SPSC is working hard to ensure. The work we do at the Center is now, and always will be, specifically tailored to the unique needs of the diverse guests we serve.

We will continue to lead the way with community, compassion, respect, integrity, and cultural competence as the values that propel us in our work. SPSC is on a mission to promote healthy aging by creating a space of belonging that provides culturally responsive support services, including sustainable access to nutritious meals, social services, physical activities, continued learning, and social engagement. There is not a doubt in my mind that we will succeed at making this a reality for the seniors we serve.

Until next time, and with a sincere heart of gratitude,
Courtney Yorks, SPSC Board President