SPSC Welcomes Summer!

posted in: SeniorAdventure

by Katherine Jordan

As summer arrives, and the temperatures begin to rise, we have been preparing in every way to keep our Seniors comfortable and safe, while keeping the Center open and programming happening!

If you’ve joined us during the summer, you know our wonderful historical firehouse has no air conditioning, and it can get very warm.  We’ve had the chance to test and learn over the past summer as we struggled to keep the Center, and our Seniors, as cool as possible when the temperatures began to rise.  As we take exercise classes, dancing, lots of bodies in a small space, and a kitchen team working over a hot stove into consideration, we will take the best measures we can to do what’s best to keep everyone safe.

In addition to our Team being trained to recognize and respond to heat exhaustion, a few steps we will be taking (if needed) during the hot months include:

  • If the weather report predicts temperatures of 87+, we may be contacting you to cancel programming for the day.
  • We will not be serving hot tea, coffee, or soups during the summer months.
  • We might have to limit dancing if the Center becomes too hot.
  • Our two air conditioning units (thank you City of Seattle!) will be running full time to keep the space as cool as possible.
  • We will have iced bandanas to wear while at the Center to keep you cool!