Snofalls Lavender Farm Field Trip

posted in: SeniorAdventure

By Charles Bontemps

On August 4th, SPSC took a group of 12 Seniors out to Fall City, WA, to visit the Snofalls Lavender Farm. The day was looking a bit overcast and dreary, but that didn’t dampen our mood, and thankfully we didn’t run into any rain. The drive was about 45 minutes but the Seniors kept us entertained by singing karaoke songs on the way to our destination.

Upon arrival at the farm, we were greeted by Ivy, the niece of the farm owner, and she welcomed us and shared all the information we needed to know about how to pick our own lavender. Though we were near the end of the lavender season the colors were still vibrant and bright in many areas along the property.

This group of Seniors were very excited about taking photos; it was really fun to see them frolicking like children as they went with their friends to pose for photos with the lavender. One of our Seniors came extra prepared and brought their own Bluetooth speaker, so that everyone could dance in the lavender fields! After taking what was probably hundreds of photos, we took a lunch break and Ivy was generous in providing enough chairs and eating space for everyone to gather together. After we shared lunch it was time to go pick our bundles of lavender.

With scissors and baskets in hand, we all headed to spots in the field to find the best bushes to choose from. After clipping our bundles of lavender, Ivy would tie them for us and also share samples of some of the other lavender products they sell such as lotion and oils.

Just before we left, the clouds broke and we took one last group photo in the fields while the sun was shining down on us. With lots of lavender with us in the van, the drive back smelled wonderful. The Seniors were happy to learn that there are lavender fields closer to us than having to go up north towards Skagit Valley, so I’m sure some of them will be visiting again in years to come, and SPSC probably will too!