Senior Spotlight: Meet Kimly

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Kimly was born in the small village of An Phú in Vietnam. An Phú is next to the Mekong Delta and is one of the most remote places in Vietnam! The village did not have electricity and was all open rice fields. When she was young, Kimly remembers looking up at night into the dark moonlit sky and seeing airplanes overhead. At the time, she did not know what airplanes were and thought they were UFOs. She never imagined that she would end up in America, but remembers dreaming that these UFOs might someday bring her to another town.

Kimly moved to a larger village in Vietnam before moving to Seattle in 1973. She moved to Seattle after meeting a Seattleite while they were both working at an American company in Vietnam.

Kimly loves Seattle! She loves everything including the weather, but she loves the people here the most. Kimly will never forget where she comes from, but considers Seattle her forever home. Her favorite activities are picnics, getting outdoors, and dancing!

Kimly serves as one of the Program Ambassadors for the Vietnamese cohort at SPSC; she has been coming to the Center since 2019. Kimly originally heard about SPSC from people talking about it while she was volunteering at the Salvation Army and decided to come check it out for herself. She loves that she gets to get together with friends to socialize here.


A Fun Fact About Kimly

Kimly is a people person! She considers her natural ability to talk to people as one of her greatest gifts—she is not afraid to speak her mind and be direct!