Senior Spotlight: Meet Jackie

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Where are you from and what brought you to Seattle?

Jackie was born in Saint Cloud, Minnesota where her family had a farm. The farm grew and raised all kinds of things and she remembers her childhood years on the farm fondly.  Jackie moved with her family to the Seattle area when she was 15 years old and she has been a resident of the South Park neighborhood for an incredible 60 years! Jackie has seen Seattle, and more specifically South Park, grow significantly during her time here. She shares the opinion of many Seattlites that traffic has become much, much worse during her time living here.


How are you connected to SPSC and what are some of your favorite activities at the center?

Jackie shares a very special connection with SPSC! She served on the Board of Directors for the Center from 1999 to 2017! During her 18 years of service, Jackie took on numerous Board positions when required including President, Secretary and Treasurer. SPSC has grown and changed quite a bit since Jackie first joined, as you might imagine!

Today, Jackie enjoys attending dinners when she can and is an active weekly  participant in the enhanced fitness programming. She is so happy to see how SPC has been built up into what it is today.


Interests and hobbies

In addition to staying physically active at SPSC with enhanced fitness, Jackie enjoys her social time as well! She hosts weekly card game nights at her home. During the game nights, she plays Pinochle with friends she has met in the community. She is also involved in her Church community as well. Outside of her social activities, Jackie makes time for gardening and keeping up with her flowers in the spring and summer months.

Jackie loves the South Park neighborhood. She especially loves that everyone cares about their neighbors and keeps an eye out on each other.