Senior Spotlight: Meet Dean

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Where are you from and what brought you to Seattle?

Dean was born in a village called Pailin in Cambodia where her parents were rice farmers. She remembers that everything on the farm was done and built by hand and she learned a lot about making things from her father during her childhood. Dean eventually made the move to Seattle after one of her sisters had relocated here.

Upon moving to Seattle, Dean enrolled at REWA (Refugee Women Alliance) to take classes to learn English. She attributes her childhood to her ability to overcome and work hard no matter what life has to offer. After successfully completing courses in English, Dean has been able to get involved in volunteer roles in the community.

Dean has raised four children and is a proud grandmother to five grandchildren who all live locally. In addition to time with her grandchildren, Dean also loves her morning routine which includes kickboxing for 30 minutes everyday!

How are you connected to SPSC and what are some of your favorite activities at the Center?

Dean has been coming to SPSC for a few years now. She enjoys joining for dinners and has fun dancing and singing along to the music after dinner has ended.

Fun fact!

Through her volunteering efforts, Dean got to personally meet the Mayor of Seattle at the time, Norm Rice. She had the chance to connect with him during one of the fundraising events she helped with and remembers what an honor that was.