MoPop Field Trip

posted in: SeniorAdventure

By Charles Bontémps

Our latest Senior Adventure took us to the Museum of Pop Culture, better known as MoPop! We packed the van full with 12 Seniors and three of our staff (including myself, the chauffeur) and headed up to the city. The MoPop staff was very helpful and had a cart for us to put all of our things in so we could explore the museum freely without needing to worry about any extra items.

We split off into groups and explored the 3 floors of the museum. Some of the exhibits had been there longer than others, but all were new to us. Most of our Seniors had never gotten the chance to visit MoPop before, so they were  very excited to explore and learn.

We took a lunch break and went to the Armory at the Seattle Center to eat our lunch, and then came back to finish the museum tour. MoPop is so big that you could easily spend the majority of a day there; we probably spent three hours there and still might not have seen everything, it is pretty incredible!

There were exhibits about Rap/Hip-Hop history, the Seattle Grunge Band scene, rock musicians/bands, Sci-Fi, fantasy worlds, video games, and more! Many of our Seniors were so impressed that they suggested we do this field trip again in the future so others can go, and we look forward to being able to come back to MoPop again in the future!