Mobile Medical Clinic at South Park Senior Center

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by Janette Garcia

South Park Senior Citizens has launched a new initiative for 2023—Wealth of Health. Through this programming, SPSC will be working to ensure that healthcare resources are more accessible for our Seniors. As part of Wealth of Health a Mobile Medical Health Clinic is now offered at our Center on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Mobile Medical Clinics are an innovative model responding to the population’s health needs, they play an important role in reducing health disparities, especially among vulnerable populations.

South Park Senior Center is partnering with POCAAN which is a non-profit that provides affordable, non-urgent, full service medical care to keep King County seniors healthy and strong.

The Mobile Medical Clinic is providing a wide range of services to people who may not otherwise receive care, including primary care, general health screening, foot care, and connecting patients to wider community health resources. They collaborate with a local health clinic that provides specialty care such as mammography, ophthalmology, and so forth.

POCAAN is in the process of receiving a new mobile medical van which will include the medical equipment needed for testing and responsive care.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with the POCAAN healthcare team on the fourth Tuesday of the month from noon to 4 pm, please approach the Social Services team at SPSC: Janette Garcia, Thuy Numrich, or Mala Lim.

Healthful, and helpful, services provided through SPSC’s partnership with POCAAN’s Mobile Medical Clinic!