Kubota Gardens Field Trip

posted in: SeniorAdventure

By Charles Bontemps

We had two field trips in the month of August! On the 23rd, a new group of 12 Seniors went with us to explore the Kubota Gardens in Renton.

We explored the gardens, which included a number of beautiful ponds, one of which had huge Koi fish! I had never seen them that large and some of our Seniors were seeing Koi for the first time that day. There were large fields to sit and relax, as well as small coves and tunnel-like paths made by groupings of trees; it was very lovely.

A few of us dared to venture out onto a little island in the middle of the water across a narrower stone bridge. The park was a lot larger than many of us realized, about 20 acres! If we had explored the whole park entirely, we could have been there for most of the day. We explored the main paths and made our way up to a beautiful pergola where we were able to enjoy our lunch and chat.

Looking out over the park was beautiful and we got to take photos of each Senior, couples, and group photos while we were up there. As we headed back to the van we stopped to take a few more photos near the entrance and grab one last look into the gardens we had just been exploring.