Introducing SPSC’s new Programming Ambassador

posted in: SeniorAdventure

SPSC recently launched a new role at the Center—Programming Ambassador!  This important role is filled by one of our Seniors and we hope to have four to six Programming Ambassadors to represent the greater Senior community coming to the Center.

We are delighted to announce our first Programming Ambassador: Kimly Fernandez!

Kimly has been a participant at SPSC for the past two years—she has been a regular at Karaoke, Dancing, Dinner, and taken many Field trips, where she has always been a welcome presence.

Kimly is excited to serve as Programming Ambassador to ensure strong communication between the Vietnamese Seniors and the Staff—she is looking forward to the new year with a positive attitude, and she hopes to help create more outdoor activities, and more opportunities for dancing and exercise.

The Programming Ambassador serves on behalf of all SPSC Seniors and provides the essential connection between the Seniors, SPSC Staff, and the SPSC Board of Directors. Each of our Ambassadors connects the administrative side of SPSC with the people who attend our center.

We want the best programming and we want to make sure that Seniors’ voices and desires are heard, that respect, diversity, and inclusion are honored, and that everyone has a sense of belonging at South Park Senior Center.

Welcome aboard Kimly!