Introducing SPSC’s New Cambodian Program Ambassadors… the Three Amigas!

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I would like to introduce our three New Cambodian Program Ambassadors: Sapone, Sarorn, and Savanny! It was decided that this dream team would be a trio to ensure they were able to make it work between their busy family schedules. This way at least two of them would always be able to join on Monday nights to support the Cambodian programming and translation needs for the cohort.

This team was a work in progress as the needs of their personal lives were keeping them away from Monday nights for the first half of the year. Nevertheless, they would periodically check in with our Khmer services worker, Mala, and share their excitement saying, “the Three Amigas will be there soon!!” The team began working with us in August.

All three ladies grew up in three bordering provinces in the west of Cambodia. These three western provinces are tucked between Thailand to the west and the Cardamom Mountains to the south. Sapone is from the province of Battambang, founded in the 11th century, is known for its rice production. Sarorn is from the province of Pursat, host to one of Cambodia’s holiest sites, Wat Bakan temple. Lastly, Savanny is from the province of Pailin, home of the Kola people who are known for their beautiful jewelry making. The trio would meet after their move to the United States in the 80’s, becoming friends through the greater Seattle area Cambodian community.

Outside of their work with South Park, much of their free time is dedicated to the greater Cambodian community. They can be found volunteering at the local temple and Khmer events. These Ambassadors are looking forward to helping our programming bring new experiences to the Center. “The Three Amigas” hope to see the Khmer cohort grow and are excited to introduce them to the other groups at the South Park Senior Center!


Sapone, Sarorn, and Savanny strike a fierce pose… Prepared for the challenges of the upcoming year.