Dipping in at the Seattle Aquarium

posted in: SeniorAdventure

by Charles Bontémps

Our most recent adventure took us to the Seattle Aquarium! Although the temperature was quite cold, we had blue skies and lots of sun on this beautiful day heading to Seattle’s waterfront. There is still a lot of construction going on there as they continue to build the new Waterfront Park, so if you plan to visit keep in mind it will be difficult to find parking!

We all had a wonderful time seeing the different exhibits; there were interactive displays, as well as some large outdoor spaces full of birds, otters and seals. The otters are just the cutest things, I think I need to get one for myself!

We enjoyed lunch in the main lobby watching a giant tank of fish, and a diver who was in the tank presenting on all that was in there while he answered questions from little kids. It was remarkable to learn more about the different species in this particular tank, some of the fish were as old as our Seniors but they weren’t even considered middle age yet!

We did a final round to look at our favorite exhibits and animals after lunch. I spent some time with Seniors watching the otters and sea lions. Some of the names these creatures have been given by the Aquarium are the cutest; the sea lions were named Barney, Hogan, and Greg! As we gathered to leave we took lots of group photos both inside the Aquarium and some outside with the great Ferris wheel just behind us. A beautiful, yet chilly, day that was filled with fun, friendships, and learning!