A Volunteer Spotlight on our friend, Dascha!

posted in: SeniorAdventure

Dascha has been volunteering with SPSC, assisting in our Community Dining program, for almost a year now. Dascha grew up in Delaware, in a suburb just outside of Philadelphia. With the allure of Seattle’s diversity, and great food scene, she was eager to make the move with a new career opportunity in Seattle 20 years ago.

During the pandemic, Dascha regularly donated to our partner, Sound Generations. After her mother passed in the fall of 2021 she really wanted to find more ways to give back to the seniors of our community. Living close by, our Center was an obvious choice. Dascha is still working on remembering the preferred drink orders, coffee or tea, of our Seniors who visit regularly. Since this is her first time working in food and dining, I think we can give her a break!

In her free time, Dascha enjoys flexing her green thumb in growing vegetables and flowers in her yard at home. She also is kept busy with her dog and two cats. In addition to her pets, Dascha has taken up bowling and boasts a humble average of 110… Dascha loves photography, having spent time studying it in college, she loves to shoot found and forgotten objects and PNW coastal landscapes.

Sammie, Rascal, and Tucker