A Season of Celebrations

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We had a busy and festive end of year at SPSC – here is what we did and how we celebrated:

Hispanic Independence Celebration – Throughout Latin American countries, the month of September is a celebration of independence. At SPSC, we have many Seniors from different Latin American countries, and this celebration was the opportunity for everyone to showcase the different ways their countries and cultures celebrate their independence.

After a wonderful dinner of handmade Pupusas, followed by a traditional pastry from El Salvador called Quesadilla Salvadoreña, the celebration began with Seniors sharing about the flags from each of their countries.  We then enjoyed folk dances performed from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and Panama.  An El Salvadorian poem was recited from memory by one of our Seniors, and traditional handmade Peruvian items, made of Llama’s wool, were showcased.  As we ended the evening, our guest emcee guided everyone in a dance lesson from his home country of Panama.  The night was full of color, celebration, sharing, and love!


Vietnamese Moon Festival – This celebration, held in late September, has a number of names it is known by: Moon Festival, Tet Reunion, and Mid-Autumn Festival. This celebration is an opportunity to gather with all the generations of the family and look back at the year so far. Sharing cups of tea with moon cakes, and enjoying the sight of the beautiful full moon, while wishing for a good fall harvest that year. SPSC celebrated with a beautiful dinner, with stuffed eggplants in the shape of lanterns (to represent the lanterns families would carry to go out to gaze at the moon). We enjoyed the lion dance once again, performed by our Seniors—and we celebrated the arrival of Fall and what the later half of the year has to offer.


Cambodian Pchum Ben – Pchum Ben, held in mid-October, is a celebration which honors and celebrates those who have passed before us. Similar to Dia de Los Muertos, which is more commonly known in Latin America, and is now celebrated throughout the USA. Our decor for the evening was a beautiful altar table filled with photos, flowers, and traditional items that are taken to the Temple filled with the favorite foods of loved ones who have passed. During this evening we took a longer time with dinner and shared a special Cambodian dessert to commemorate the holiday. The longer dinner time gave Seniors the opportunity to share stories and memories with others about their ancestors and loved ones. After dinner we did what we often do on Mondays, a night of cultural dancing! Pchum Ben was a beautiful celebration!


Disco Night(s) – Ah Disco, the wonderful 70s!  SPSC threw two Disco parties as we closed out the Fall, and in doing so we took the opportunity to learn a bit more of the history of Disco music, and how influential the LGBTQ+ community was in making it as big of a scene as we know today. Though disco music was short lived and very political at the time, it is now coming to be recognized as one of the most influential musical eras of our time! With 1970’s costumes, fun glasses, glitter decorations, and a disco ball, our Seniors had a truly funky night of nostalgia, dance and fun!  Some of the favorite songs of the night were Funkytown, Brick House, and Ring My Bell. We all had a blast!