Monday Morning Yoga classes from 9:30-10:30 am at Seattle Neighborhood Center

Yoga Classes

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Yoga classes are open to the public and do not require a membership to attend.

For now, our classes a exclusively on-line (but still led by Willa).

Classes are Mondays at 9:30 am

To join a class, send an e-mail to and she will send you details on how to access the class (the class is held using Zoom, but Willa can help you with that, too!).

We ask for a $3 contribution per class.*   Scholarships are available.   Please ask Willa to sign you up!

Each student is welcomed and honored regardless of body type, age, or fitness level. We strive to provide all the experience of self-discovery and acceptance, satisfaction and community.

Willa Becker is our instructor. Willa will talk about what is happening in your body and discuss any pain or discomfort you might be having and go from there to structure your yoga practice.

Yoga can help improve mental health as well as physical strength and flexibility as we age. We use props like Blocks, Chairs, Ropes, Bands, Bolsters and Blankets to provide safe modifications for people who have never exercised or who are less mobile in their daily lives.

All levels of fitness and experience are invited to attend. We welcome you in an affirming manner that promotes optimal health, fitness, and joy.

*Ask about our “scholarships” if you feel the cost is prohibitive! We want you to participate!